Stephen I. Ternyik

Economic Cycles of Social Hatred

-On the Conjuncture of Antisemitism-


It is easier to calculate the conjuncture of planetary orbits than to understand or diagnose sub-conscious human thought and behavior (to paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton); those researchers who follow scientific models of linear rationality will surely doubt that economic cycles of hatred against social minorities do exist at all. However, it is the working assumption of this methodical approach that a psycho-social conjuncture of anti-Semitic undercurrents occurs in periodical times of economic crisis, that is our contemporary and rapid societal divide, concerning human living chances.

This increasing tendency of social hate in the last 10 years is confirmed by empirical data of Jewish organizations which have historical experience in defense strategies and that try hard to combat destructive pathological symptoms of hate which turn from latent to manifest behavior. However, understanding cycles is not an easy task: first, one has to grasp that waves translate into cycles and later on into spirals of life or death; second, cycles exceed generally the observation period of one human generation; third, despite good theoretical authorship in mass psychology, we cannot learn much about empirical facts.

In any case, the human mind searches for patterns and causes of events; we are living in an artificial financial command economy of certain over-supplies which has lost the real touch with a natural demand driven economy of human needs. As the majority of people is still not trained in the scientific method of thought and communication, it is quite reasonable to assume that the conjuncture of antisemitism results from the economic cycle of social hatred, i.e. a societal recycling of subconscious and dormant hate in times of existential economic fears.

Consequently, only a small elite of rentier groups is exempted from the economic fluctuations and hardships that are pressing on the shoulders and psyche of the mass of people, because the standard accounting techniques of the monopoly/privilege game offer no other options of a softer meltdown. Ultimately, the global Jewry is attributed to conduct this game of designing a hard landing for the masses after an economic flight in the heights of fiat money, although, for example, the state of Israel is facing the same socio-economic scenario. This mode of social attribution is a simple 'solution to uncertainty', because the human quest for a crises-free economy is much more difficult and pain-staking.


Research/Working Paper Proposal

Written for:
Antisemitism/Zionism Conference-2017
Pears Institute/Birbeck College/London.